About B&S

Why Books & Stilettos? Because they’re like yin and yang. Because they’re two things one should never be without. Because beauty and brains are often pitted against one another as oxymorons. Because one of life’s greatest treasures, is the joy of losing oneself to a great story. To feel your heart palpitate within the twisty plots of a psychological thriller. To belly laugh and then fall in love with a RomCom. To strengthen the magic of your imagination with Sci-Fi. To stimulate your **ahem** with steamy erotica. And then gossip about it with your friends wearing your most fashionable fit and kickass shoes.

Nikki J.

Full-time marketer. Part-time unicorn. All-the-time fashion-obsessed bibliophile. Come laugh with me. Cry with me. Enjoy a good book with me. Fall in love with an amazing pair of shoes with me. #BooksAndStilettos

Send Requests to: BooksandStilettos@gmail

Leah Michelle

Full time HR Guru. Full Time Style Connoisseur.  Follow my lead, I promise that your style will introduce you before your name does. Self conscious? NOPE! #BeStyleConscious.

Send Requests To: BooksandStilettos@gmail

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