5 Styles: 1 Snakeskin Print

Books and Stilettos_5 Shoe Styles 1 Snakeskin Print

By: Leah Michelle

So how cool and how common is this?

Are you one of those shoe lovers who have several pairs of shoes in the same print but different styles?

For those of us who are shoe-obsessed this makes perfect sense because the shoe we decide to wear is based on one-part heel height and two-parts the style best able to achieve the look we’re going for. A lower heel typically means a more casual outfit. Whereas the dressier the outfit, the higher the heel. While there are no rules in fashion, some do like to stick to the traditional factors in deciding what shoe achieves the desired look. Heel height and style of shoe will definitely help! 

I chose these snakeskin boot options to use as an example because the print is so versatile. Snakeskin print shoes can be used as a statement piece to dress up a simple outfit. An unexpected “pop” of color for a monochromatic outfit. Or as a neutral. Another reason, I chose these options was to show a great example of the perfect boot in multiple styles.

We have all found ourselves saying the phrase, “But I don’t have the shoes in THIS style!” If you are guilty of buying multiple styles of the same print shoe, leave us a comment below or email us some of the looks you’ve created for each style of shoe and we’ll feature you on our blog!

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