Valentino Spring/Summer 2020 Ready to Wear Collection

Valentino Spring/Summer Ready To Wear Collection

By: Leah Michelle

With NYFW 2020 wrapping up, I took a moment to reflect back on the 2019 presentations for Spring and Summer 2020 and the many looks that graced the runways. What I loved most was Valentino’s Spring line that showcased beautiful whites and vivid colors.

I absolutely loved the soft white silhouettes which opened the show…12 all white looks to be exact! And once I saw the hints of bright green sprinkled throughout the setup and decor in the room…I knew there were some beautiful surprises to come.

This show was an EXPERIENCE! I fell in love when the bold colors begin to hit the runway. It’s truly an art to be able to tell a story based on the contrast of looks and the order in which a designer chooses to present looks. Valentino is a master.

Bright colors are here to stay and I must say Valentino made that statement clear throughout the show. The floral prints, color blocking and soft flow of the dresses and tops made the presentation of colors even more alluring.

Check out the show for yourself and decide on your faves! My top picks are the looks featured in this post. Who’s ready for Spring? Me and anyone wearing Valentino or Valentino inspired looks!

Images: Vogue

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