Hair Accessories Reimagined

Black Woman with Gucci Barrette

By: Leah Michelle

So let’s take a walk down memory lane! Remember those beautiful bright barrettes you HAD to have in your hair? Oh, can’t forget those big hair bows that made you feel so girly. Recess? No problem, SCRUNCHIES to hold that hair up or back, just out the way! Bobby pins…yeah those were cool too and definitely needed for some hairstyles. Hair was our life growing up from bangs and side ponytails to accessories and everything in between. Back then, your hair was part of your self expression and it still is.

Let’s fast forward to 2020. Every single hair accessory you can think of is back! They’re bringing out our inner little girls and showcasing them as adult, chic women. I do have a favorite and you’ll see why. There are so many choices and you can’t go wrong.  

Bobby Pins
The fun thing about bobby pins is that you can wear 3 or 20! The more the better in my opinion. Bobby pins are back and they are colorful, covered in trinkets and designs. I see them with sleek hair styles and wild hair styles, using the pins to tame some of the wildness. 

Image: Nordstrom

Hair Bows
Big hair bows are going to be a statement piece for hair this year. A simple ponytail with a big bow will turn heads in every direction. Think about how noticable they are. That definitely hasn’t changed but I love how the world of fashion has twisted the concept for all ages to wear them. Feminine and chic are definitely the vibes.

Image: Urban Outfitters

Hair Barrettes 
Barrettes…where do I even begin?? My personal favorite. The variety and the evolution that has taken place with them is the reason why. These were also my favorite accessory as a little girl, go figure! We’ve seen everything with barrettes since they’ve made their way back on the scene. Words, texture, glitter, embellished and prints…we have really revamped your typical colorful barrettes. 

Image: Urban Outfitters

Scrunchies are just not for holding your hair out the way anymore or to look cute with your side ponytails. Scrunchies are bigger and better than ever…the bigger the better! They can actually be the statement piece for your overall look. If you wear an oversized scrunchie, definitely just focus on layering rings or small earrings. It’s enough by itself. 

Image: Etsy

So if you haven’t already started wearing some of these latest and greatest accessories, what are you waiting for? You officially have Books & Stilettos permission and style approval! #GoShop

Feature Image: Glamour Magazine

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