How Sneakers Upgraded My Closet

Books and Stilettos_Designer Sneaker Fashions-2

By: Nikki J.

When I sprained my ankle three months ago, I had no idea the impact the injury would have on my life and my personal style.

The first week was spent on crutches. The next five weeks I was in a boot. And for the last four weeks I’ve only been allowed to wear running shoes. As a woman who wears heels every day, imagine the trauma. Especially since during this time period, I not only had to work, but also live life.

After accepting my fate, I started to get excited about this new challenge. It became a lot of fun to find creative ways to maintain my personal style while wearing sneakers and YES …

  • Going to interviews wearing Steve Maddens and carrying a Valentino handbag,
  • Hanging out at the club in a tutu and Converse,
  • Attending church in a Blazer with Waveknit running shoes ,
  • And basically wearing sneakers to any and every activity outside of the gym!

I can truly say that sneakers gave new life to my look. Through a carefully curated assortment of classic, trendy and athletic pieces I was able to create looks that were street style worthy and made a statement at every occasion.

Visit us on Instagram for more sneaker inspired fits. In the meantime, spill the tea … how are you incorporating sneakers into your favorite looks this season?

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