Neanderthal Seeks Human

Book Review_Neanderthal Seeks Human_Penny Reid

Reviewed By: Nikki J.

If you love a good rom-com, you’ll love Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid, book 1 from the Knitting in the City series. Because seriously, who doesn’t appreciate a good belly laugh?

Janie Morris, the main character in Neanderthal Seeks Human LITERALLY has the day from hell. If you’re single and dating, you’ll sooooo get it! But back to Janie … she and her long-term, live-in boyfriend break up. She gets fired from her job and NOW she is officially homeless and penniless. All of this happens on the SAME day. But sometimes, your worse day turns into your best day, with the help of your best girlfriends.

And therein lies the heart of this beautifully written story. Of course Janie finds love again in the midst of calamity, but the author addresses real life shit in the most comical way. Issues like:

  1. Rebuilding your life after a breakup — Janie needs to find temporary shelter and a new job like pronto.
  2. Honesty — Janie finally comes to terms with what her relationship with her ex was AND wasn’t. And is fearless about openly discussing it with him.
  3. Overcoming insecurities — Janie has a way with words. Any time she’s nervous, anxious or afraid Janie spews out hundreds of them (words) in the form of random and often innocuous facts. In reality, Janie probably suffers from a social disorder like Asperger Syndrome or something similar, but author Penny Reid never says this. Instead she impresses upon readers the power of acceptance, understanding and compassion both personally and by others of our differences.
  4. The power of friendship — no further elaboration needed. LOL!

If you haven’t read Neanderthal Seeks Human, click the hyperlink and pick up a copy day. The laughs alone, make it worth it!

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